Honoring CPO Chris Kyle

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Today, along with 7,000 other people,  I attended CPO Chris Kyle’s memorial service at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX. Chief Petty Officer and Navy Seal Team 3 member Chris Kyle served in the Navy from 1999 – 2009 and has the most confirmed sniper kills in U.S. history. His team members referred to him as “The Legend”, but insurgents referred to him as “The Devil of Ramadi” with an initial bounty on his head of $20,000 that later grew to $80,000. During his four tours of OIF, he was shot twice and hit by six IED’s. In January of 2012 he released American Sniper: The autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, adding best selling author to his resume. Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, were allegedly killed on February 2, 2013 by Eddie Ray Routh, a 25 year old USMC veteran suffering from PTSD,  at Rough Creek Lodge shooting range in Erath County, TX.

As I approached Cowboy Stadium, I was immediately touched by the number of cars in the parking lot and the rows upon rows of motorcycles dawning an array of patriotic flags. Uniformed personnel were invited to enter through a private entrance and we were escorted onto the field to sit behind the family and friends while the civilians sat in the stadium seating behind us. From the moment I approached the stadium on foot, there was an overwhelmingly solemn vibe which only grew stronger as I entered. While walking through the lower level tunnel enroute to our seats, all uniformed personnel were offered free snacks, bottled water and/or soda and  I was thanked for my service by every employee I saw. I arrived 30 minutes or so prior to the service and they had a slideshow of photos playing on the jumbo tron. Everything from pictures of him as a baby to pictures of him on mission. All of the faces of his team members were blurred out to protect their identity. While obviously I knew I was attending his public memorial service, I was not aware that his casket nor his family would be present. I assumed it would be a chance for the public to pay their respects, but that the family would have a private memorial service of their own. I was wrong. We all stood at attention as the bagpipers and drummers marched and played down the center aisle towards the stage. Much to my surprise, his casket followed. It was an Honor to be able to salute Chris Kyle’s casket. It was placed in the center of the star on the 50 yard line draped in an American Flag with his wife and two small children sitting across from it. As I looked around, I noticed the Patriot Guard standing on the field lining the walls of the stadium behind us. All carrying huge American Flags and all saluting. Behind them, in the stands, were three tiers full of people. Seal Team members, friends and loved ones spoke about him – including his wife Taya. I don’t know what it’s like to be a wife or a mother, but I can’t imagine where she pulled the strength from to hold it together and speak the way that she did. Joe Nichols, Randy Travis and Scott Brown (of the Scooter Brown band) all sang. It was a beautiful ceremony.

A few things really stood out to me today. For one, it made me extremely proud to have earned the right to wear my uniform and it made me want to do more with it. I don’t care to elaborate on that, but it did spark a need for some soul searching. Secondly, it reminded me that people are thankful for our service and do appreciate what we do. That sounds so obvious, but you’d be surprised. Ron Paul went on record saying “if you live by the gun, you die by the gun” in response to Chris Kyle’s murder. People who don’t agree with the war or those who call for gun control should still respect what we do in my opinion. A Country with no military is a scary thing. I bet if their wishes came true, they’d change their mind real fast. A perfect example of that is the Westboro Baptist Church who was there today picketing. Seeing their fat asses across the street from the stadium today holding up their signs, disgracing our flags and yelling made me so enraged. Enraged to the point that my first thought was “I don’t understand how someone hasn’t sniped them.” I don’t know if that makes me too military minded or just flat out patriotic? I vote both. Below is a photo of them today at Cowboy Stadium. I didn’t take this photo, but I did see this person myself.

BC18rkqCAAANJuL.jpg_large-620x465Trying not to turn this into a religious rant, but it makes me scratch my head in confusion. I’m not sure how God laughing at a Soldier dying runs parallel with any type of church organization – but whatever. The point of me posting this picture is that with so many of these idiots in today’s world, I was grateful for the 7,000 that showed up to remind the Servicemen and Women that we are still appreciated. One last thing that stood out to me was this: as the uniformed personnel were being ushered out of the stadium, they had us walk up a separate set of stairs to exit. To get there, we walked in between the two rows of Patriot Guard Riders who were lined around the stadium with their American Flags. As I walked past them, I smiled with approval as I realized how many school age children were standing there. A big high five to the parents who allowed their children to miss school today to witness a small piece of history and to show their respect. The family unit seems to be crumbling in our society and I feel like small gestures such as that are signs of old school values and respect. If kids can miss school for a One Direction or Justin Beiber concert, they definitely should be missing school to take part in such a patriotic act.

While there are a lot of things about the murder that don’t make sense to me and I’m sure those details will never be released to the public, one thing is for sure – today was a day I will never forget. In the last 9 months or so, I’ve truly tried to become a more positive person. I fail often, but I try to find the positive in every situation. If one sliver of positive had to come from this horrific loss, I believe it is this: While Chris Kyle was taken too soon, I feel that had he lived to be 85 or 90…..he wouldn’t have received the Honors and Respect that he did today. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we too often forget. Had he lived a long and fulfilling life, our Nation probably would have forgotten the sacrifices he made for our Country and the true American Hero that he was.

Thank you for your service CPO Kyle.

Ok wait……

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I’m confused. I just read the Deadspin.com story that broke the “hoax” and they don’t say it started as an online relationship at all!!!


Read the article and see if this makes sense…..

Manti is gay and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is his bf. Not a hoax, but the twitter profile as a female was a way for them to express their feelings to each other and not blow their cover!




Manti Te’o – ya’ll knew this was coming!

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When the truth comes out, I may very well eat these words….but I couldn’t resist blogging on this one!

First, lets lay out what we know. Sidebar – if you don’t know who Manti Te’o is, you’re probably a female who surfs websites all day long such as TheDirty.com (which, by the way, Nick Richie told me today on twitter that he liked my blog! Follow me @TexasBrandi. Yes, shameless self plug, but hey, it’s my blog!) Radar Online or E!News. In which case, you should probably still know who he is because it’s flooded the media today, but still – this blog probably isn’t for you.

So we can probably all agree that there is a stereotype that goes along with college football players, especially captains of a D1 school who are sure things in the upcoming draft. They have no shortage of women throwing themselves at them! Yes there are exceptions, as with every stereotype, but we can all agree that’s the norm, right? I know some of you out there are saying TEBOW right now, but I don’t buy that story either. That’s another blog.

So I present you this question – why would a D1 captain middle linebacker for ND carry on a 3 year relationship with someone he had never met in person? So in depth of a relationship that he calls her his GIRLFRIEND and says he loved her? He told reporters he spent every night for the last 4 months talking to her on the phone until she fell asleep because she was going through so much and the sound of his voice comforted her to sleep. He’s that involved with someone, but he never meets her? She dies and you don’t go to the funeral? She’s in a horrible car accident a few months ago and you don’t go see her? Yes, many of you are going to say “it happens on Catfish every week.” You’re right, it does, but lets examine the people that appear on Catfish, shall we? I am a self proclaimed reality TV junkie so of course I’ve seen every episode! Most of them are underachievers, overweight, living in their parents basement or trailer and are not the most attractive people. To everyone watching, we can realize in the first three minutes of hearing their story that it’s BS. They, however, have nothing else going for them and don’t want to accept the reality that is so obvious to the rest of us! It’s clear to see how Mantio does NOT fit that mold. Add to it that @JayRahz on twitter was tweeting about her being fake and him running her twitter handle back on December 12 and you’ve got one big conspiracy.

Here’s what I think…….

A) he’s gay? There’s never been an openly gay NFL player. Maybe he’s gay and him having an “online girlfriend” was a cover up for why he wasn’t “pulling hoes” or partaking in the whore-like activities that his teammates were without blowing his cover.

B) Publicity stunt. A horrible one at that, but lets not forget that he went to his coach on December 26 and told him that he was hoaxed, but it still got played up during the Championship game that he was playing under emotional distress. He also was considered for the H trophy and won more awards this year than any other player. Maybe he made a stupid mistake that could potentially cost him lots of money in future deals, but he got caught up in the lie and it went too far.

Know what DIDN’T happen? He didn’t get “Catfish’d” & he didn’t cost himself a place in the NFL. Lets be real, the Buffalo Bills would take a death row inmate if they could help them win a game!

I can’t wait for the truth to come out!

It’s been too long…….I missed yall!


I love a good challenge!

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To my lovely blog readers: I present you with a challenge!! First, the backstory…..

If you have read my blog, The Little Shelter That Could (http://accordingtobrandi.com/2012/06/19/the-little-shelter-that-could/) then you know I volunteer for the Seagoville Animal Shelter (true NO KILL!) If you haven’t read it – please take a moment to do so – it’s a cause very near and dear to my heart! Unfortunately, the Seagoville Animal Shelter has found themselves in even more financial distress than they normally are in as of this week! In addition to several other animals that they are paying for vetting/surgery for – yesterday they found Montana on the highway. Here are a few pics of Montana and his story from STAAR, Seagoville Texas Animal Advocates & Rescue, the 501c non profit group dedicated to supporting the Seagoville Animal Shelter:

 Montana was found barely hobbling beside Highway 175 and seemed to have been struck by a vehicle.  Despite it all, this boy is very affectionate towards his care takers and tries to make the best of a bad situation by not whimpering or whining in pain.  Montana was taken to the vet 7/12 and it was determined that he had broken both bones in his front right lower leg.  He is in need of immediate surgery, involving a plate and multiple screws, to repair his broken limb so that he might be able to walk again.  He is scheduled for surgery on Friday, July 13th and is also in need of a post-surgery foster home so that he does not have to return to the shelter environment to heal.  Despite Montana’s severe injury caused by a careless driver, STAAR refuses to give up on this beautiful boy because even though he is in pain he still places his broken leg in your hand as if to tell you “my spirit is not broken and I want to be your forever friend!”  STAAR is committed to vetting all animals within the Seagoville Animal Shelter and has several that are still in need of continued medical treatment, such as Faith (sarcoptic mange) and Peyton (Dislocated knee, starvation, severe burn and HW+).  Therefore we must ask for your support in covering the cost of this extensive surgery and continued rehabilitation to allow Montana a second chance at a better life!!  To donate on Montana’s behalf, please go to www.STAARescue.org and click the donate button or go to the Seagoville Animal Shelter Facebook page and click on the Donate button.  Thank you again for your continued support of STAAR and all of the animals at the Seagoville Animal Shelter.

As of right now, Montana does not have a foster home to recover in after he leaves the vets office. His surgery is $500 plus STAAR has negotiated an AMAZINGLY LOW daily rate of $18 for him to be boarded at a local vet hospital! Only $18 for 24 hours of boarding and medical care! While the overall bill will not be cheap, if we break it down and help little by little,this sweet boy will be all better and in his forever home in no time! This is where I present you with a challenge…….

So many of you reading this have emailed me or facebooked me or tweeted me that what we do is so awesome (thank you for that), but you just don’t have the time to volunteer or you couldn’t foster because you would get attached. Totally understandable! Well now is your chance to make a difference! I am asking that each of you donate $18 to STAAR to cover one night of boarding/medical care for Montana. For each nights stay that is donated, I will pledge 4 hours of volunteer work at the shelter! This way, you are donating AND giving the Seagoville animals volunteer time! It’s killing two birds with one stone (was that a bad reference? Killing an animal when we’re here to help – oops! You know what I mean!) We can’t save every animal and we can’t afford to go broke helping either, but $18 is reasonable AND since STAAR is 501c non profit, it’s a tax write off!! Most people, myself included, spend more than $18 on a bar tab or a night at the movies. We can’t do it alone, but we can together!  STAARescue.org and click donate!

I had a foster from Seagoville in the fall of last year named Shelby who had been hit by a car as well and both of her front legs were broken. Maybe that’s why this guy is pulling at my heart strings so hard? Seagoville being a small shelter, these cases don’t come through the door everyday – THANK THE LORD – so lets do what we can to give this guy the quality of life he deserves!

I am about to start my two weeks of annual Army training so I will begin my pledged volunteer hours on August 1 and I will blog to update!

Thanks for all that you guys do to help!

Until next time,




5 things I die for

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MAC Wipes = 45 wipes/$19

I have never been big on a skincare regime so these are perfect! I know I need to start taking better care of my skin because I’m approaching 30, but these will do for now. They’re super-saturated with special M·A·C cleanser infused with protective vitamin E. Hydrates and nourishes. Simple one stop shop.

MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 = 1.7 oz/$30

The wipes + this lotion = my complete skin care routine. (I need to do more, I know. I’ll work on it.) It’s rich yet lightweight and fast-absorbing. Keeps skin plump and soft. Releases moisture and emollients onto the skin continually/all day. Enhanced with mineral-enriched spring water, it’s an instant spritz of moisture with the benefits of protection. I’ve tried other moisturizers and this one is just so refreshing and light! Plus, I like the built in SPF and on my budget – you can’t beat $30 for a great moisturizer!


Brooks Pure Connect Running Shoe = $85 @ Luke’s Locker

I hate running. I run because the Army tells me I have to. I never appreciated the difference a quality running shoe made until I shipped off to boot camp w/ a pair of Nike Shox. HELLO SHIN SPLINTS! I found these about 6 months ago and they’ve made a huge difference. Amazing! 6.5 oz and mesh breathable material. Released October 2011, Runners World named it “Best Debut” running shoe in it’s 2012 Shoe Guide.


Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Airbrush = $6.47 @ WalMart

I used to be addicted to the tanning bed, but between a limited budget these days and trying not to need botox soon – I found this amazing product! The mist is so fine that you don’t have to worry about streaking. It’s easy to apply. I had a friend do it the first time, but now I spray myself and it looks just the same. Bronze color is great, no orange so far! I get lots of compliments on my color and no one knows it came out of a bottle!


OPI Nail Polish ”Cajun Shrimp” = $8.50 @ Sally’s

I just love this color! Seems to be a great color for every season. Goes on smoothly due to the high quality of OPI, easy to paint my right hand. You women know how hard it is to paint with your left hand if you’re right handed! Only requires one coat, I love it!


As Rachel Zoe says, I die!

Until next time,


I was wrong!

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Since starting this blog, I have been introduced to a whole new community of online bloggers and young people who are passionate about politics. I’ve never particularly cared about politics. In fact, someone asked me on 4th of July “how did you get so involved and informed on politics?” I laughed and said, “I’m not!” It’s only very recently that I’ve started trying to educate myself on what’s going on and I have found it to be very exhilarating! They say knowledge is power and now I see why. The few things I thought I knew about current affairs, were mostly false. I had heard them from someone and repeated what I heard only to end up looking like the misinformed when I was corrected. With that, I decided to teach myself as not to spread anymore misinformation!!!

I was recently told by a family member that I thought I was better than everyone and only responded to facebook posts when they said something I didn’t agree with. If that’s how I come across, I have some serious work to do on my image. The truth is quite the opposite. Now that I’ve begun posting my political standpoints or blogging, I encourage people to correct me if I’m wrong with supporting documentation/sources. That’s how we learn, right? In fact, this morning I woke up to a comment from a reader that corrected me on something I blogged about in a previous post…..

I posted this scenario on facebook to make sure I didn’t dream this up and my facebook friends confirmed they were taught the same: I grew up believing that Texas was the only state allowed to fly our state flag as high as the American flag. I am 27 years old, extremely patriotic, enlisted in the military and if someone had a gun to my head I would have bet my life that the above statement was true. So when I woke up this morning to a comment that said that it was inaccurate and EVERY one of the 50 states was allowed to fly their flag as high as the American flag my initial reaction was to argue. I even started typing out the reply comment telling him he was wrong! Wanting to practice what I preach, I googled it just to make sure I was right and…….I was wrong! Today I learned that it is a wide spread urban myth! I immediately replied to his comment and thanked him for correcting me and I genuinely meant it! Now I can inform other people of what I learned, which I did by posting it on fb, and I can help misinformation from being spread!

With that being said, I wish that more people would educate themselves on current affairs that they “care” about. Notice I said care about. If you don’t give two shits about who is running for President, more power to you! It’s not for everyone and that’s cool, everyone has their own thing. However, if you’re going to care enough to post things on the internet about current affairs and speak about them – educate yourself. Ignorance has such a negative connotation, but I don’t use it to have that effect. Ignorance breeds ignorance. The ignorant aren’t stupid, they’re just not informed. If people educated themselves, there wouldn’t be so many misconceptions about topics directly effecting American today.

I’m super hesitant to use Obamacare because I’ve gotten massive amounts of hate tweets/messages/emails over my view on it, but it’s relevant. For example: recently I’ve been asking people I strike up conversations with if they support the Affordable Care Act. Majority of people say no. When I break down aspects of it and ask if they support free wellness visits, no lifetime limits, no pre-existing conditions, blah blah blah they agree. Yes there are aspects of it that most people don’t agree with, it’s not perfect, but as a whole – these people agreed with the majority of components that make up Obamacare, yet they say they don’t approve of it - I believe because they have heard so much negativity and take it at face value.

That brings me to another point – when I say I support Obamacare, I support it in the sense of – it could be worse. I didn’t vote for Obama and I won’t be voting for him this year mostly because of military related issues. But - Is Obamacare perfect? No. Is the government telling us what to do with our money? Yes. Do I feel like big brother is creeping in? Kinda. Will I personally benefit from it? Yes!!! Does something have to give with our healthcare system today? YES! But I see it as: It could be worse. We could live in a communist country. We could be under Hitler. With the good comes the bad and our Country is pretty damn awesome so if I have to pay 1% of my annual income in lieu of paying for overpriced healthcare, so be it. Does it have to stop somewhere? Yes. If it gets up to 15%, sure we have a problem, but I’m a firm believer in being part of the solution, not the problem. If it got voted down, would I have been upset? No because I didn’t even know what it entailed until it passed and I decided…..this effects me, I should know what the hell it is! If you don’t like it, go out and do something about it. Channel all that passion towards making a difference. Don’t just sit on the computer or around a camp fire and bash it with your buddies. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

As always – I welcome rebuttal in a respectful manner! Please teach me. I’m still working on earning a fancy bachelor degree to hang on my wall so until then – make me smarter!

Oh and one more thing – I heard from someone that under Obamacare, employers have the option to opt out of providing health insurance to their employees and pay a tax to the government in their place. Can someone please tell me if this is or true or not and show me where I can find it. If that’s true, it adds a new spin that I need to consider on my standpoint!

Until next time,



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Unless you live in a pineapple under the sea, you’re aware that the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare today. Well, kinda. TECHNICALLY, they shot it down. However, they passed it in the form of a tax. Really I think they mind screwed us with verbal judo, but that’s another blog.

First, you should know that the only knowledge I had of “ObamaCare” (which is such an ignorant term, but for conversation sake we will go with it) was what I had been told by my predominantly Republican friends and family. I had spent no time researching it for myself because I didn’t realize how relevant and in reach it was. That’s out of character for me because typically I don’t take anyone’s word for anything! So, I was told that it would:

  1. Cause the currently insured to lose their private insurance and go to a “universal” healthcare system where everyone was covered the same.
  2. Lower the quality of care that we received because all Doctors would be paid a salary as a government entity.
  3. Be a healthcare system equivalent to Canada’s where the Canadian people die from not receiving treatment in a timely manner or come to America and pay cash for treatment.
  4. Cause an increase in taxes.

After the ruling today, I felt extremely confused and ignorant so I have spent the last few hours listening to news coverage and reading online. While I now feel like I have a clearer picture, I do not know everything. Below are the facts I have gathered. For the record, most of these facts came from FOX NEWS because, well I like them. Also, I’m aware everything you read on the internet isn’t true. Trust in me that I’m not a complete moron and lets look at the facts from a neutral standpoint. If I am inaccurate or misinformed, please correct me! Not with opinion, but with fact and supporting documentation.

  1. A 1% tax will be imposed on the Americans who can afford healthcare (defined as making too much to qualify for Medicaid), but choose not to purchase a policy.
  2. It is estimated that only approximately 6% of Americans will receive the tax as most Americans have their own private policy or are eligible for Medicaid.
  3. Those 6% have the option to purchase their own insurance policy and be free of the tax.
  4. Americans who have their own private insurance policy will not lose that policy.
  5. Regardless if your coverage is through Medicaid or a private policy, wellness and annual exams will be free of charge.

So from what I gathered, the only people negatively effected fiscally by the Supreme Court decision are those that make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but do not choose to carry their own policy. Am I interpreting that correctly?

Here are the facts that President Obama presented in his address of the Nation following the Supreme Court decision. While I am not an Obama supporter and I’m open to the idea that he too may have used verbal judo on me – for the first time, I sat there listening and agreeing to what he was saying. This is what I heard from him:

  1. The purpose of imposing the tax on those who choose not to have their own insurance is due to the fact that when someone who has no insurance goes to the emergency room and racks up a huge bill that they cannot pay, the insurance companies recoup their money through raising premiums on Americans who ARE paying for insurance.
  2. Insurance companies will no longer be allowed to impose lifetime limits or pre-existing condition clauses.
  3. Wellness visits, annual exams and mammograms will be free of charge, whether you are covered through a private policy or Medicaid.
  4. Parents can cover their children on their policy until they are 26 years old.

Now – with those facts laid out, I don’t see what the downfall to “ObamaCare” is? The biggest complaint I’ve heard is – it’s another way for the democrats to tax the people. Well – not really. If you don’t want to get taxed, go get insurance. You say you can’t afford insurance? Then you only have to pay 1% of your income. You say that’s not fair? Well it’s not fair for people to have to pick up your slack and pay higher premiums when you do decide to go to the doctor and not pay your bill. DISCLAIMER: I’ve done that. I currently have a $1,500 medical bill on my credit as we speak that I cannot afford to pay from a previous time in my life when I had no insurance. I AM SORRY AMERICA! I also learned today that none of the things I previously thought about OC were true. The Doctors will not be paid a flat salary by the Government, as far as I know. We will not lose our private insurance. Don’t know why I just said “we” because as of May 1, I no longer have health insurance. Just wanted to sound like part of the in-crowd? Kidding. Lower the quality of care? I don’t know about that one because I don’t know all of the logistics, but as a whole – I don’t see where the downfall is.  Pre-existing conditions are a pain in the butt and discriminatory if you ask me. Someone who has cancer can’t buy a policy with you? THEY NEED IT THE MOST! Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition? To have a baby with no insurance is $10,000 these days. Lifetime limits? I know of a baby born prematurely that reached his lifetime limit while still in the NICU. How do you deal with that as new parents who are already dealing with a baby who is in the NICU? *Shout out to Danny Duscio* Wellness visits, annual exams and mammograms will be free. If more people have preventative care, maybe it will keep us healthier as a Nation. They say early detection is key! For me personally, when I had insurance – they wouldn’t cover a mammogram until I was 30 or 35 years of age. I have breast implants and with that, they encourage you to have mammograms starting at 25. Yes that was elective and I did it to myself, but still. Who said you can’t get breast cancer until you’re 30 or 35? Ridiculous.

Afterthought – I thought of a negative. It will put the country even further in debt. I will give you that one. My views on it are – we’re screwed anyway. Until you put Clinton back in office with an intern and a blue dress, we won’t have a surplus anytime soon (he was the last President to create a surplus in the budget if that one was over anyone’s head).

If you know something I don’t, please comment and inform me. I want to have an educated standpoint on this and am open to learning about it. It’s been quite interesting to me today! I truly would like to hear why people oppose it so comment away!!

Oh and can someone please explain to me why Mitt Romney is against ObamaCare, but implemented something similar while he was Governor of Mass? I have no factual knowledge to back that up, but that’s what I’ve heard – truth to it?

Until next time,


Peter Griffin Said It Best

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You know what really grinds my gears??

Here’s a few that top the list this week…….

1. The new industry trend of an automated greeting at drive-thrus. REALLY? I know this world is going to hell in a hand basket, but are we really so bad off that companies can’t even trust in their employees to provide decent customer service? Is it so bad that they have to provide an automated voice? How about the fact that the voice sounds so chipper and pleasant only to usually be followed by a disgruntled voice asking you “is that all” in a way that makes you scared to say no and add to your order? I guess I just answered my own question, but UGH.

2. Gas prices. Yes they’re going down, but isn’t getting excited over $2.99 a gallon sort of a double edged sword? It’s pathetic that it’s soared so high that we think $2.99 is cheap. I know way too many people who work in oil & gas that have told me repeatedly – we have plenty of gas here we could drill. Instead, we are making our enemies rich buying our gas from them. THANKS A LOT ___________. I’ll let you fill in the blank for whomever you blame.

3. Rolling blackouts. Todays high in Dallas is 105. The heat is ridiculous, but I’m used to it. What I’m not used to is rolling blackouts. I don’t remember them as a child. In fact, I only remember them in the recent past. I’m pretty sure it’s always been blazing hot in Texas, so why are these just now occurring? I’ve heard it’s because Texas’ population is growing so electricity use is surpassing what’s expected. Now I know I don’t have a Ph.D, but isn’t expected growth and consumption something we pay big-wig engineers to project? Shouldn’t someone who has a few fancy degrees hanging in their office be working on an execution plan to meet supply & demand? It’s like construction on Highway 75. As soon as they “finish” they have to start over at the opposite end because they didn’t properly project growth. It makes me scratch my head. Please figure out a solution to this plan because when it’s 105 out is when I like my air conditioning the most – thanks.

4. Speaking of Texas – what grinds my gears the most is: People who live in Texas and bitch about it. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT …….get the EFF out! True Texans take pride in our state (and I love that about us) so please feel free to use the same exit route that you used to get here. You don’t like the heat? Leave. You don’t like the government? Leave. You don’t like the mindset? Leave. You like the inexpensive cost of living? TOO BAD. Leave and let someone who loves the best state in the Country utilize it.

I’m proud to be a Texan and to live in the only state in the Country that can legally fly it’s flag at the same level as the United States of America flag! #boom

What grinds your gears????

Until next time,


We All Know I Hate The Cowboys

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WARNING: This post may cause heart attack or shock.

So “we all know I hate the Cowboys” has always been my catch phrase, but not anymore…..

LaDainian Tomlinsons retired from the NFL on June 18, second only to Emmitt Smith in yards rushing. While that’s not an ah-ha moment, it did jar something in my little noggin.

Not that I didn’t appreciate what a great running back LT was while he was still playing, but hearing the culmination of his career in summary caused me to have an epiphany. Yes I’ve always thought LT was an amazing running back and athlete overall. Yes I’ve read “Boys Will Be Boys” and can appreciate the Cowboys Dynasty in their hayday. However, I had never seen their stats compared side to side or put much thought into it.

I love football, but I’m not a stats whiz. At the end of the day, I’m still a chick so forgive me if this is common sense to some of you – but here was my realization. Yes LT had two bad years. No one will ever forget his infamous 2009 season where he barely rushd for over 730 yards. He was hurt, but only for two games. Averaging 3.3 yards a carry can’t be blamed on an ankle injury in two games. Not a shabby year for any other RB in the league maybe, but he’s LT – come on! Then there’s 2011. He didn’t even hit 300 yards, but at least he knocked out some other milestone records. Catch 22 season to end your career on I suppose, but it’s the GD Jets – what do you expect from them? Ugh. HOWEVER, even if those two seasons hadn’t brought down his stats, even if he had stayed on par those two seasons with his typical 1,200 to 1,400 yards average, HE STILL WOULDN’T HAVE COME CLOSE TO EMMITT!

LT retired almost 5,000 yards short of Emmitt Smith. I wasn’t old enough to appreciate #22 playing in his prime and that’s a shame. I can’t imagine what it must have been like being able to watch such a legend. Amazing. Like I said, I’ve read books and know the numbers, but something about seeing his numbers far surpass those of someone I enjoyed watching run the ball and considered an amazing RB, made it real. The fact that I’ve always said “I hate the Cowboys” may have skewed my respect for them. That’s where my new leaf turns over.

As someone who loves football as much as I do and values a player who respects the game, I now will revise my phrase to “I hate Jerry Jones” as not to trash football legends who wore the silver star.

Disclaimer: No this does not mean I am a Cowboy fan. They haven’t done jack shit in, what, 16 years? As long as JJ is hugging crying players on the sideline and keeps players on payroll only to not bruise his ego by admitting he made a mistake – I won’t be cheering for the modern day Cowgirls. It merely means I have a new found respect for the team that once was. Hey Jerry – why don’t you sit in your box where you belong with your owner hat on and let everyone else wear the hats you pay them to wear. Oh yeah, and find a coach that’s not a puppet. Maybe like – say, JIMMY JOHNSON!

Go Pats! Is it August yet?